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This guy blackmails people to get a positive feedback. This is the message I got from him:

'OK, I want to cancel this transactions, just leave positive feedbacks with only word-> "Thank you", then i will send you cancelation. if you won't send me positive feed backs in 1 day, i will open unpaid case. just leave "thank you"


I already payed for all the items and he has sent me an unpaid case for a previous purchase.
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I tried to contact ebay, but I received this message:

Unable to open claim - filing too soon

I will try again in a few days.

In the mean time I was able to leave him a negative feedback and he replied me with 3 cases of 'unpaid item'.

As I have heard from others this guy used to be on the forum but was kicked off a few years ago.
I don't know how this guy does it, but the negative feedback I gave him has disappeared. Eeker

I have contacted ebay and are curious about their reaction. Sent a mail to both ebay Belgium and ebay UK.

He also forces you to use CCnow to pay for your items by creditcard or paypal. An extra procedure to use Paypal which makes ebay doesn't know you payed by Paypal and thus you can't profit from Ebay Buyers Protection. Roll Eyes
Probably very good advise for everyone concerned. Sorry for your mishap Leslie. I know I've learned something here about your unfortunate event Leslie, and that is to NOT deal with any eBay seller who require the CCnow payment option for making purchases for goods.

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