U.K. bidders

First: U.K. bidders are still welcome to bid for my auctions

The reason for this topic were disappointing experiences with UK bidders in a short time:

2x a (0) bidder did not pay + did not answer my e-mails.

1x a buyer told me the money was stolen out of his car?? he could not pay me....

Of course the most uk-bidders are honest but you read a lot about f.e. not shipping to Italy or Indonesia, or US-only, but there are a lot of not-honest bidders from countries you did not expect.

BTW I allways ship to the world with no exceptions

Only time I ever lost a shipment was when I posted a NOS watch case to SeikoCollector in Holland.


I still wonder sometimes where that case is right now. 

If someone from the postoffice took it with him (or better ,he stole it), i doubt that he or she would know what to do with it.

Just because it says they are fro the UK doesnt mean they are. A certain digital watch seller who I thought was based in Hungary is now marked a UK. I have seen this a lot of times. It looks like you can put whatever country you like on Ebay




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