The Mysterious Casio S011 mod. 129

This model has been discussed before here. Someone spotted it in an eBay auction and suggested is was a knockoff because its display looks unlike any other of the period.

I have one in my pile here and am sharing photos. Take a look at the module design, it is indeed unique for a Casio. I recognized the layout though, it's nearly identical to a National Semiconductor Corporation (NSC) digital I have.
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I have one as well identical to the auction one with a different bracelet. If it is fake it is an excellent quality crystal. It also has a separate alarm disk with a vented case back that is more usual in Citizen watches of this period. Id love to get a copy of that manual in the auction.


I agree, Adam. The case is standard base metal fare but the crystal is as good as any standard Casio.

The manual makes this very puzzling. I can't imagine a company going through the effort to print a manual with a three-color cover for an imitation. The budget brand manuals are typically black on white or red on white folded instruction sheets. Does the hang tag have the model number? I can't make it out...

I have my doubts whether this is really fake ... As the colors of the manual, I believe there is not a color pattern, but the watch is too perfect to be a copy .... On the SEKONDA LCD, the day of the week (SUNDAY) is black and not red as this casio model .... this is a differential too.
The module is definitely Hitachi -peel the Casio label off and you will find the Hitachi logo.

The manual is rather interesting- as you may know every Casio manual has a order code on the bottom right corner of the rear cover. UG1080 is Casio's code for a module 82 manual! I have one in my hand as I type.

Until someone shows me a genuine Casio catalog with this watch I am just going to regard it as an elaborate fake. Actually the manual languages are a bit odd for a Casio, but what I would expect on a Far East fake knocked out in the Phillipines or Thailand.

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