SouthAfrican criminal fake india paypal

I sold a Seiko Alpinist watch which I made an auction of in

A man from S.A. offered me $525.00 incl. shipping costs but wanted to buy out of eBay.

As I soon got a Paypal "pending" payment I was happy.

I got a separate message from Paypal I had to prove shipping of the watch before they would credit the payment.

They told me it was because of sellers who want money but did not ship the Item.

I send them a mail with a photo of my shipping invoice + tracking number.

I got a mail back they needed some time to check it...allright.

But later I thought do they really need a week for it?

I asked and they told me there was some confusion about another payment of that buyer of $820.00 and they coudn't separate the 2 amounts anymore????

I thought how strange and unprofessional this was.

Today I contacted Paypal in the Netherlands and they told me there was no payment at all. They would never give info about other payments to a third party because of privacy rules!!

I contacted PostNL because the package was in S.A. but not delivered yet to ask them to block the shipment.

They would do nothing for me! Go to the police they said.....

As a last chance I asked S.A.Post to block it and now I'm waiting for an answer.

This whole story is meant to be a warning to be carefull when a "buyer" wants to trade out of eBay.

Be sure the money is yours and than ship it to the buyer.

Here is the proof of shipping:










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So you never got the money in the first place Eric. If you had sent an invoice through paypal would this have been protected? Sorry to ask but I send out a lot of watches and am very interested in scams. I thought as long as you had proof of delivery you were protected.




Referring to Western Union from an official Paypal site is not likely.

All these "Paypal"-messages are fake..... Now I know...

I don't ring directly because my English is not good enough.

Maybe I will send them a email.

Do you think they would be interested in these emails from "Paypal-India"?



Very much so. Did you request money for an item? If so then maybe you are protected from fraud. You should have a dutch paypal. There must be a contact number on your dutch paypal site. When you requested the money was it through Paypal? If it was I would definitely contact them. This is serious fraud






Hello Erik!

I'm reading here now your message and in fact it is very strange. 

It is extremely important you contact the paypal center of American to know if the email that you received from India paypal is authentic and true.

Have you contacted the buyer of your Seiko?

Is he being honest and responding your email?

He can solve it for you at all.

I've seen some ebay sellers unwilling to negotiate with customers from India perhaps because of these issues, I believe. 

But let us informed about this.

I believe that you will be able to solve it, but try to contact with the person who bought your seiko because he can solve it for you more easily.

Hello Luciano,

Paypal comfirmed the "India-paypal"-messages were fishing mail.

Of course I contacted the "buyer" telling him I knew about the fake mails and that I would block the shipping untill I had my money.

No answer from him.

It is clear he was a part of the set-up.

Sad story: I had to know better but that is allways after bad things have happened......

Hi Erik !


I understood what you said.

Gosh, it is very sad. 
I can not believe that there are people so bad so. 
It is very strange one package to arrive at the international airport in South Africa and the item is removed so quickly. I believe this is some mafia ebayer. The Paypal need to take an action urgently in this regard.

But one would suspect a South African person to negotiate with you, and the corresponding paypal of him of India. Paypal never send an email to your customers like the one you received. Is very strange one person be required to ship the product before receiving the payment. It is usually the other way around in the world of business and commerce.
Always you trade off ebay is always careful and cautious with these negotiations. Whenever you send a request for payment by paypal and if you receive any paypal message, first call the paypal and ask about the message you received to make sure that the message is genuine paypal.

Transactions involving money is very dangerous because of these evil people.

But as you have the data address of person that you bought your watch, try to contact the international police (federal) and ask them to investigate and catch this criminal. All evidence necessary you have of trading. So, you can do it Erik. I think you have great chances of getting your watch and arrest these evil people.

I root immensely for you. Unfortunately these things happen, but ends up being a learning experience.

If you need some help, I'm here Erik 

Ok Erik !

You can be sure that if I see announced this watch somewhere I'll warn you.
It is important to disclose the name of the swindler too.
Even this is a police matter, right?
But we will be watching.

Glad that you took good pictures of the watch 

Save these photos that will serve as proof. 

As an answer to a member who placed a reply (saw it in my email) but was taken away by him:

First I send the "buyer" a request for money. Answer from him that he made a payment and that Paypal would give me a mail. The "india paypal" did after 15 minuts and used my real name. Later they told me I had to give proof of my shipment before they would credit my account. Checking my Paypal-account showed the payment was pending (= in behandeling").

I did not realise it was only because of my request of money and NOT because they waited for my proof of shipment.

As I had 2 earlier strange experiences with Paypal I was not suspicious about it.

About South African Post:

I send them an email with a request to block the shipment and send it back to the sender (me).

It was a day before they gave the parcel to the "buyer".

I know they get hunderds of emails daily about parcels/letters but I mentioned the trackingnumber.

Too late...

I should have known better.

Hi Erik

Of course, as you well know, I am from South Africa (Cape Town), so this news really upsets me. 

Firstly, I'm so sorry that you had to fall victim to this horrible scam. It's not one that I've encountered before, but new ones are being developed by these scammers everyday. It's a lot to lose, and I'm just glad you didn't refund them any money as well, or you would have been out of pocket, cash and a beautiful watch!

It is very unfortunate, but the South African post office can have problems occasionally (I guess like any other country's post office). However, I don't think that this was a post office problem, but rather a customs problem, at Jhb airport, where they released the parcel. Pretoria is some distance away from Jhb, so your "buyer" was very aware that the parcel may have been stopped at Jhb customs, that's why he drove all the way to Jhb, from Pretoria, to collect his parcel. This is not common practise, usually people wait until the parcel has been cleared by customs, and we then receive a collection slip in our mailbox. This was a well thought-out scam. It is good that people are made aware of it...thank you.

However, I would hate for any future buyers or sellers to think that everyone from South Africa is a scam artist. I have had many, many parcels sent to me, and have also sent many parcels out myself. I have had very bad problems with items delayed at United States customs and customs in Germany for more than 2 months! Lucky for me, I've always kept my proof of shipping, and have been able to negotiate with PayPal or eBay.

Again, my friend, I am so sorry that you had to lose out on this very nice watch. And I sincerely apologise to you from all honest South African watch enthusiasts, who are trying to enjoy an honest hobby. 

It's always easy to look back afterwards, but you could have sent me an email asking for some assistance, and maybe I could have helped you....Anyway, it's too late now.

Best regards


Hi Patrick,

You don't have to feel sorry about this situation or about the fact this happened in South Africa.

This could have happen everywhere and yes it is a warning for all watch collectors to be suspicious for (strange) Paypal messages.

Allways check your own Paypal-account that you really recieve the money.

Let the buyer wait untill you are sure about it.

Having negative experiences with Paypal in recent past did me believe I had to hurry to please the buyer.

I will be more careful.

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