I bought and paid 15 Aug. a Citizen Calculator watch from Buenos Aires, Argentina for $124.99
When I recieved it it was not working, as I replaced the battery (see Tech Talk) I saw the calculatorpart was not functioning.
I mailed the seller I want to return it, the answer was his address.
I returned it but it was not accepted by the seller! Mad
This I saw in the tracking record.
Now I am too late to make a claim in eBay and Paypal (has to be within 60 days)
I can only contact eBay by phone: impossible with my English.
The seller told me he will pay me next week.
I don't trust him probably a lie.

But what can I do??? Frowner

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Yes, it's the watch you bought that he is selling again.
So he now has both the watches, working and non-working (or was the non-worker returned to you) and to top that he also has your money?
What a f**king fraud, thanks for the warning 11je12je.

Were you able to give him a negative feedback?
Originally posted by 11je12je:
You can see that the serial numbers are the same.
Same price too....
I had too much patience thinking it needs time to go back to Argentina.
I was a few days too late to give negative feedback to this seller.

I had a bad experience once with a canadian ebayer , i was too patient as well , but that was only $20, so not much harm done.
It's a real pity that you lost a reasonable amount of money.

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