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Most sellers are pretty good; don't gouge you for postage, send goods reasonably quickly, package things up well, what you bought is what arrives as described, and sometimes even are honest when they say 'untested'.


But occasionally, once in a very blue moon, you get a seller who goes above and beyond and who deserves an extra shout out for exceptional service.


Showcity is one of these.


You've probably seen at least one of her auctions. She sells Omni Space Defender watches and they aren't cheap. But they are NOS. 


And this is where I came in. I bought a semi-working Meister Anker Space Raider in a lot from another ebayer and thought it was among the coolest game watches ever. So it really rankled that it didn't work 100% - no sound and some other issues.


Finding one was near on impossible (I looked for ages) so pulled the trigger on one of Showcity's Omni watches to swap the modules over.


I don't normally spend a huge amount on watches (once you have more watches than you can reasonably wear it can get very expensive if you buy NOS models often) so was a bit of a big deal to buy one of these.


And when it arrived it wasn't 100%. 90% maybe, but there were segments missing in the game where the ship drops bombs which is kind of integral to the game.


Fortunately Showcity did have another which tested ok and was happy to replace it, but here's where the excellent seller part comes in. Postage was phenomenally high from Canada - $47. From NZ it costs about $40. So I had already paid for postage once, would have to spend another $40 getting it back to her, and she (if I was lucky) would post it back to me at her expense.


So what did she do? Told me to keep the partially working watch and sent me the replacement free of charge.


That is an excellent seller and that's why if you can cope with spending a few hundred dollars on a rare and unique (and fun) game watch why you should deal with Showcity.


I can't recommend her highly enough.

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