Seiko 8b43 Radio Wave Control Solar

The watch was not used for some time and now the second hand is moving for 5 seconds, stops 3-4 seconds, moving 5 seconds etc.

I had the watch in light for several days now: nothing changes.

Has a battery have to be changed?

Can I do that myself?


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Hi Erik!

I found a link that talks about this seiko movement:

Manual in PDF:

It seems like you do not need to change the battery since it is solar, but I believe that at some point it will be necessary to change the battery. Solar batteries are usually more expensive. The exchange should be similar to those of Casio (similar to the DW-2000 for example).

Maybe in the manual you have some useful information on how this SEIKO fits, but I believe that these 3-second delays (on average) are some mismatch in the movement. A good watchmaker should fix this using benzine for to cleaning.

Hello Luciano,

Thank you for your answer! 

I saw that calibercorner message allready and I have a manual.

No information about what battery is needed:  maybe Seiko will not admit they still use batteries in solar and kinetic watches calling them capacitors etc. 

In the afternoon the second hand stopped and the minut/hour hands start to move very slowly. A pity they don't show the right time (I mean of course minuts because they have a different timezone as a standard I think)

The day hand does not move and the date is still the same.

But maybe the moving hands are a good sign?? 

I will let you know what happens tomorrow 

Hello, Erik!

It may be a malfunction of the module, lack of lubrication, or a defective electronic component.

Has that watch ever fallen to the ground?

These mechanisms can get twisted and locked if the watch has had a fall on the floor, etc.

But I hope you can solve this problem, okay? 

Any news you let us know. 


Yesterday the secondhand starts moving but the minuts/hours are giving the wrong time. I have set the date + day manually and set the timezone to Paris/Berlin. I hope maybe in the night the watch will pick up a radiosignal.

For now I'm happy the watch is running again, later eventually I can reset the module .

Very irritating that keeping the watch too long time in a drawer it takes more than 2 weeks to reload the solar battery to make it running again.


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