Just a word of warning. I saw this auction a couple of weeks ago and asked the seller if they would sell offline for what was a pretty good price considering they weren't working.

Seller agreed and I sent them the money via Paypal.

Two weeks go by, and heard nothing despite sending a couple of follow-up messages. Sent a final message saying I'd have to lodge a dispute with Paypal and they finally replied saying they sold the watches to someone who lived locally but offered me a working watch or a refund.

I thought it was dodgy as hell they'd kept my money for that long without even telling me that's what they'd done (along with being a bit dishonourable for not following through with what they had promised).

I requested a refund immediately, and 24 hours later, nothing. So did end up lodging a dispute with Paypal and after another day it was found in my favour and the refund appeared.

The seller followed up with 'your money has been refunded, been a very busy schedule'. Unbelievable.

They are selling a number of working Quasatron Saturn I game watches (like the Armitron) along with some other bits and pieces and I'd recommend avoiding them like the plague.

If someone on this forum was the local buyer who they decided to sell the broken watches to instead, I really hope you get them.

As for me, I don't think I'll be asking anyone to sell offline again, the risk is too high for me.



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Did you open a dispute on PayPal and then a day later get your money back? If that's the case then it was the seller that agreed to refund you your money. PayPal will have sent them an email saying so and so has said they didn't receive this item, you can agree to a full refund to close this dispute now or you have until such and such date to provide proof of shipping.   

If PayPal decide by themselves then if I remember correctly the whole process can take around 2 weeks.

Still, you're right about it being dodgy. I'm not sure on what the amount was that changed hands, but if they sold them to another buyer and then held on for 2 weeks to a significant amount that you sent then that's very dodgy.

Personally I don't have a problem buying outside of eBay or on eBay. The buyer protection is exactly the same. In fact I'd say it's probably quicker off eBay. When people buy on eBay and have a problem they often make the mistake of going through eBay 1st instead of skipping straight to PayPal, that only makes the whole process longer. Only difference with buying off eBay is you can't leave them bad feedback, but from a getting your money/item point of view that's irrelevant. 

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