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Okay... thanks for the link...

But if you are in need of some more space...
try this:

Really five gigabytes for free... They don't have the fastest servers, but hey... it's for free !

I use it for displaying my collection inside this forum (if somebody is interested) and for friends to show them my madhouse hobby, try the link at the bottom of this post to see what i mean...

I used Jalbum ( )to have some kind of point and click picturealbum, i was sick of f*cking around in some html-editors and pasting and formating every single picture like an idiot :-)
Jalbum is available for WINDOZE and (yeahh!) Linux (i was happy about that - i did not use WINDOZE really for some five years - only for games).

Just my 0.02 € Cents Wink
Hi all,

I use photobucket. It's free too. Now there is also an iPhone app for it that allows users to deposit photos from their iPhone to photobucket.

Then what you have to do is to "point" to the image via a URL. Alternatively you can embed the picture, nest the pathway using HTML tags etc. Quite easy.

The latest photo I showed of the CSCW night backlight, the whole entire sharing was done on my iPhone.

4 steps: Capture --> upload---> mount---> post
I need to revoke my recommendation for

I had my "homepage" on their servers, simply done with Jalbum.

Their servers were not reliable for me most of the time. Sometimes everything went well, the next day FTP was unavailable, next time there were always disconnects during ftp transfers.

I could live with this, but the crucial factor for me to quit with was (and i had overlooked that while registering there) that there is a limit in filesize. No file above some 3 Megabytes in size is allowed !
Since i wanted to host some small vids of my watches i uploaded those vids of course... and always wondered why they were not there... and why they did not appear on my "homepage" - until i noticed that their servers deleted them directly after uploading. I did not see that immediately because i always uploaded the whole "homepage" and everything seemed to went well.. is nice for free, but to be honest, who needs to fill 5 Gigabytes with files sized smaller than 3 Megabytes ?

So i would recommend this only for some small files and "simple homepage crap".
Another good service for pure image hosting seems to be:

They say they store the pics for 12 months and they
even allow hotlinking (which is true, i linked some pics stored on their servers here on the forum in the last months - works like a charme!)

THE BIG DISADVANTAGE: Everything seems to be in german only ! I looked here and there without success, there is no english version it seems.
No problem for me, since german is my native language, you mileage may vary...

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