My Casio DW-1100

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That's an original idea Adam 

I think I have to wait a long time before this is possible.


Hi Erik !


It's a great watch ! 


Very rare too. 


Look, If you have the parts that broke of bezel so you can recover it. I use Araldite (epoxy glue) which is perfect. But for this you need to have all parts of the bezel to paste.


The process is like this: you put the parts that broke into position and use the glue to secure. If after fixing some remaining glue residue on the bezel you can use sandpaper to repair only edges that were the glue, and then you can use a black ink to paint the all bezel. Before painting it you need to insulate and protect all watch and leave only the bezel showing. I believe if you do it perfectly, the bezel will be perfect again, but it takes a bit of work and patience.


About the painting: for to be perfect I think you should use aerosol  ink (spray). Thus, the paint is as perfect as a factory. Preferably use black ink not very bright. I know there are various shades of black, but i think the perfect bezel is black not bright. 


I think that by doing this you can recover the bezel 

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Hello Luciano,

Thank you for trying to help me. 

Unfortunately the bezel broke in very little pieces: "verkruimeld"

It was impossible to put them back on the right place.

I had to throw them away. 


Yeah, once the decay happens there's not much you can do about it. Even if there was some kind of solvent, it would only act on the surface. The entire material would need to be "soaked through" to rejuvenate it.


I recently saw one of these first hand without the bezel. I really like the square look of it. Looks like 3D printing would be a great candidate solution for creating a new bezel. I'll have to look into this at some point.

Sorry that it has been so long... I never responded until now.  

As far as I know, there was only one design of the DW-1100. No color variations.

I'm very curious to know if anyone has come up with a 3D printed bezel.  Considering the shape, it should be relatively easy to do, compared to something like a DW-5600.

NOTE: I fixed my earlier image.  It was a Photobucket hosted image, so it had been broken.  I am using an aftermarket strap that works superbly well. It was a 20mm band that I trimmed to fit within the lugs.  It has 2 keepers and a very nice solid polished stainless steel buckle.  Originally I had tried a TW-7100 strap, but unfortunately resin rot killed it.

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