I'm back – it's been a while...

Evening all, hope you're all good. It's been quite some time since I was last properly active on the forum, hopefully some of the forum members remember me! For the life of me I can't remember my previous log in details (formerly I was just 'markos') so here I am with a new name. 


Does anyone know if Old Tom is still around? If you're reading Tom please can you message me?


I've shifted a lot of my old collection of mainly NOS 1970's Seikos, and this little lot might be making an appearance on an eBay near you soon!




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Nice to see you back Markos, Love your C439 what fantastic condition. If you could send me some photos to use on the library when you sell it that would be great.

Are you no longer collecting digitals? Got a new obsession? You had some stunning watches in your collection.





Hi guys, nice to see some familiar contributors! 


Seiko Kid: a possible meet could be a good idea :-) Have you a good Seiko collection?


Adam: I've a bunch of decent images of Seikos that I sold several months back so feel free to PM me your email address and I can 'wetransfer' them all over!


I had (and still have some) some amazing Seiko watches, and I still love their design and functionality. Some were/are mint and just too good to wear like this G757 (adore the design of this watch):



I'm no longer collecting digitals, most of my collection is sold off and more will follow but I will be keeping a handful of special ones ;-)  I changed job back in late 2008 and that changed my whole watch buying routine/checking of ebay... was just one of those things I guess and other things took over.


New obsession...? Hmmmm I think I got a little more into driving so upgraded what I had and have done a few European road trips, I just got back from a trip to Barcelona last night in fact! :-D


I will confess that whenever I put a watch on eBay I am still tempted to buy more!! So far I've just about resisted the urge... I'd love a Heuer Chronosplit but the cost and reliability of them are just too scary, and it'd have to be in used condition as I'd never wear a mint one for fear of scratching it! The issues us watch collectors face on a daily basis ;-)


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Just wanted to say a massive thanks to Seiko Kid who I met up with yesterday, not just for fixing my Seiko TV watch there and then, but mainly for the lunch he laid on ����

Only joking, really appreciated your time and skills ����

Can deffo vouch for Seiko Kid if anyone has any deals or repairs needing doing! ����

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