European Convention AKA Meet Up

To put it in a nut shell, I sold user6784 a Seiko case that hasn't arrived arrived. If it doesn't turn up Im going for a short break to Holland and will deliver the other I have personally myself as the recent UK post issues are Pi**ing me off.
If you can make it to Holland at the time lets meet up and go to the pub! Bring your watches (or at least some of them)

I reckon some time in April I will go, even bring Watchclocker (my missis)

There was a previous post a few years back about something similar but I never manifested.

I reckon even if it does turn up I will still go anyway if anyone else fancies meeting up?

Oett Export, I will have in my pocket a battery for your Sexum Smiler

Ell Cee Dee

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Well I see I must be the only one in the mindset who is excited about meeting other nerds!

Unfortunately my circumstances have changed and I am not going now. I am thinking about later in the year going to Europe , maybe this is better for people?

I found a picture that depicts the one in my mind of what a Nerd watch Convention would look like

Exciting isnt it!

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