Does anyone have NELSONIC SPACE ATTACKER WATCH for sale???

Hello, I don't know how active this board is but I was hoping to buy a NELSONIC SPACE ATTACKER WATCH in good cosmetic and working condition. It is my dream to own one. Does anyone have one for sale?



I own: Casio AX-210, Alba Baseball Game Watch, Casio Car Race GD-8, GCE Arcade

I want: Nelsonic Space Attacker

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Attempting to upload pix, but not going well. Uploads are coming out really poor. There is no rust on this watch, however it could use a cleaning in some spots. These are pix taken with tablet cam & low quality. I'll take a few with a very good cam & upload those later or in the morning. CameraZOOM-20170428193227069CameraZOOM-20170428195043466CameraZOOM-20170428192946575CameraZOOM-20170428193144505


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