Last forever Casio module 134 calculator game watch ca-851 ca-901 ca-90 ca-86

Hi that is a nice arrangement of watches...... I cannot believe there is not any replies before now.. earlier on past forum chats members talked about the fact that this forum is not what it used to be..being new to forum I think we should take more time out in busy lives to keep forums like this going because of a common bond that we have in our love for watches....

Hi, J-51W digitalis
maybe this is my fault, because probably i have to post the pictures in digital watch photo gallery, not in chat area.
But you are right. For me is more fun to post the pictures on eBay, including description people looking very friendly and talking and asking, to get finally happy
By the way digitalis. Probably i see you like j series. I will upload some in eBay. Think to start with J-100.

I think I've fallen in love with the CA-901, the chrome with blue combination! There is one on eBay for sale, never used, original box,... but he's asking 4999 US dollar... :-O That's a bit out of my league.

So I started looking for a CA-90, but even those are rare and rather expensive! 

And you have 7 of those old calculator watches! Must admit that I do feel some jealousy... ;-)


freckle posted:

There's a CA-90 on eBay now for a bargain price

Congrats on the sale!

I was following and bidding both the CA-951 and the CA-90. Soon noticed that the CA-951 was out of my price range. And I was right as it got sold for $355! 

On the CA-90 I had the highest bid ($152) until half an our before the ending of the auction, but it got finally sold for $204,08. If I would have won with the $152, it would have cost me $245 with shipping costs and import taxes. That was already more then I wanted to spend, but got carried away a bit by the bidding...

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