Casio CMD-40 Wrist Remote


I just purchased a CMD 40 Wrist Remote Controller Watch in the Silver colourway. It's in brilliant condition, with only minor scuffs to the SS strap and very minor light surface scratches on the crystal (watch face). Every button and function works, and all function signs/numbers are displayed on screen when typed in.


I went onto the Casio website and printed off the manual for the CMD-40 (Model no. 1174) , and followed all the instructions, but I can't seem to control my TV's using it? I have a Samsung and an LG TV, both modern flat screen style that use Infra-Red Controllers. I tried using the Manufactures Code's given on the manual, and using the learning function.


Can anyone give me tips as to why this is happening and what could contribute to it not working? Not compatible to new TV's? Possibly to do with battery? (which has actually been replaced fairly recently) etc. Thanks



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I realize this is an old thread but I have one too and yeah when I went off the manual's TV codes it didn't work

I guess it's because the manual was talking about old tvs or something, but I just did trial and error and it eventually worked I have a Sharp TV and I think the code was something like 38.

I now have it set up to control my laptop, my speakers and my tv!

Quick brag: I found mine on gumtree for a tenner  

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