Casio AX-210 glass repair

Hi !

I'm ClÉment - living in France - and new on nerd digital watches. I'm found of vintage ones, especially those I've seen in my childhood.


I've just missed a local sale on a Citizen Ana-Digi Temp (website ""), but I may have find a Casio AX-210 with a partly broken glass.


So my question to the expert is :

Is it a pure fantasy to hope finding a new glass for this watch and change it ?


If I get this one, I would like to make it look a little better (polishing, cleaning). I guess I'll find the informations on this forum.


Cheers and thank you all !

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Sorry to bring bad news, but it will be difficult to find a new glass for this watch.

You could keep an eye out on ebay, maybe something will come along.

You also could try and contact ebay member "samimadrid" and ask him if he has that crystal. This crystal is not in his ebay shop right now, but he might have it somewhere else, it's worth a try.

So !

This is the Precious...


Casio AX-210 Broken Crystal


As you can see above, the bottom right of the crystal glass is broken. It does not prevent from reading any informations on the watch, and I chose this picture because you can really see it. In normal light, this is not that bad.


The case is in "medium/ok" state. The bracelet is the original one, with the small parts in the middle (I love it). 


I don't know if I'll bid on the current Ebay auctions to replace the case/crystal, as it would cost a few dozen euros for a perfectly working watch. 


All the functions are working (sound is loud, display is 100% functionnal). This is a great watch to wear. It even plays the Big Ben chime at 12 o'clock.


I'll try to make better pictures this week end (first time I'm taking watch pictures) and make a nice post on this watch. 

Great to see it has arrived and you are pleased with it.  Mine looks exactly the same but is the 250 version.  


i just spent the last hour cleaning it and servicing it as the buttons were sticking and you couldnt really hear the sounds.


Now it is perfect.   I have attached some pictures and 1 is showing you how to remove the bracelet links....   well the start of how to do it.  The rest is self explanitary once you pull the pin


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