Avia (Optel) DSM LCD watch - Rare version with flashing display! (1972)

Here's for sale one of my Avia SGT Quartz. It's known as the first LCD watch ever made, its module was made by Optel Corporation, a small American startup that was made by a group of former RCA engineers, and became famous as the company that invented the LCD watch.

Unlike the modern Field Effect LCD display, this watch uses a particular technology called "Dynamic Scattering Mode" (usually shortened as DS or DSM).
The Dynamic Scattering display has milky-white digits on a silver-reflective panel, making it a bit difficult to read, although is much more legible than a modern Field Effect negative display. The DSM technology lasted for a very short time, since it was already discontinued after one year, in 1973, due to the debut of the Gruen Teletime, the first "modern" LCD watch with a Twisted Nematic Field Effect display.

Today, dynamic scattering LCD watches are very rare, and they're worth a lot of money, since very few of them are still working, and most of them are the ones made by Optel, which were considered the most reliable ones, back in the early '70s. The watch in question features the Avia brand, and was imported in Europe by the SGT group (Societe des Garde-Temps), a division of the Swiss ASUAG conglomerate. It works well and keeps good time, but be aware that is a 42 years old watch, so I can't offer warranties or such. However, it's a very rare timepiece, a true museum piece, and will attract a lot of attention in your collection.

You can find more info about this watch and the DSM technology at this link: Watchismo Times: The Rarest Digital Watches - 1972 Dynamic Scattering LCD

The watch is for sale at 530 euros with free tracked shipping to EU countries. I'm open to reasonable offers too. Payments with Paypal only.
If you're interested you can send me a PM or an email at my address: meisteranker@outlook.com

The price of this watch is a true deal, usually DSM watches are sold for 800 or 1000 euros and most of them are in worse conditions than mine. So don't hesitate to grab a bargain, a real piece of horological history can be yours, at your wrist or in your display case for a fair price. Plus, this one is very rare, because it has the first generation of the Optel rectangular module (called Optel PS-2 series) that features a blinking display, in order to reduce battery consumption.




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Originally Posted by tronbaby:

Hi, does it have the original strap?



Hi, unfortunately no. The watch came without strap in the lot, and was in so-so conditions. I cleaned it and reduced the scratches on the case, and I polished the crystal with Polywatch. At the moment it has as a temporary solution a 18mm steel bracelet, but I can replace it with a leather strap or a vintage Spiedel Twist-O-Flex bracelet. The problem of these watches is that they have a weird lug size (19mm) so not every bracelet fits properly on them.

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