Please vote for your favorite watch below.

This is another test of our future "What Watch are you Wearing" topic (hopefully PCS is watching)

Of course this will have a different format if approved. Remember, we are hoping to get an entirely new topic on the front of the message board for this. We can decide later what it will be called, "Watch you are wearing," "Watch for the Week," etc... We can also decide later how frequently we would have polls, but assuming we are taking a poll for the best watch that has been posted to date on this topic, and to test the participation, please vote for your favorite watch. Yes you can vote for your own if you like. Here are the watches to choose from.

quadangle's Pulsar

woodie's Timex

rws's W-400

ScottO's early Casio

halfapie's early Casio

rws's twincept

halfapie's Cosmo Phase

ScottO's Cosmo Phase

vladio's Tag Heuer

Ive already placed my vote.

By the way, this is the first time I've started a poll, so you may see lots of edits or even a deletion if I screw things up too much. Big Grin

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