Warning!!! Seiko Arnie

FAKE! FAKE! FEIKO! Watch is cheap Chinese ana-digi which someone has written SEIKO on the dial and fitted the back off a 6431 (a quartz analog) to it- notice the SGP (Seiko Gold Plate)designation on a steel watch and the strange four digit serial number.
Looks more to me that someone (maybe the seller himself) has been hobbying.
Putting seiko letters on the dial ,and fitting a real seiko back to make it look real and get big bucks for a "arnie" watch.
I recognise these watches, in the 80's these cheap seiko lookalikes were for sale on every streetcorner for almost nothing. Smiler
I actually sent him a PM telling him it was fake.
He replied:

I am not so sure it is. There is not much info out there about it, and this model number was used on a fake Kinetic watch, but I believe this is legitimate. Do you have anything you can share with me?

So I said you've kinda proved it yoursslf with the Fake Kinetic Watch bit and proceeded to tell him a load of reasons why it's fake and told him to open up the back.
He replied:
The movement says "Miyota.Co.Japan 4800-01A One 1 Jewel Unadjusted"

So I tried to tell him!
Originally posted by Old Tom:
FAKE! FAKE! FEIKO! Watch is cheap Chinese ana-digi...

FEIKO ! Big Grin Cool ROTFL !!!!!!!!

Hey, wouldn't it be cool to start a new thread somewhere here with our trials to make a "somewhat good looking vintage watch" from our spare parts we all have lying around in our dusty repair boxes ???

Then, let us do a challenge which "FEIKO" (or whatever) looks most convincing. Next step ? Hmm, okay it would be lame to sell it on ebay... BUT ! What if we would try to sell it for a good cause, not for ourselves, of course ?
Just for fun and then donate the money ? I think it will be a lot of fun to build a faked FEIKO, errmh seikod FAKEO, erhmm which brand was it really... ? Big Grin

Maybe to help someone poor. I think this would be cool. Okay, tell me i am nuts, it is okay.
Originally posted by cassyho:
I like that idea oettinger! A 'Custom Watch' contest? You've inspired me to give it a try anyway Big Grin

You gave it a good title: 'Custom Watch contest' ! Wink

And yes, why not ? Wouldn't this be a cool spare time project, just for the fun itself ?

No hurry needed, but i think it would be great if someone dares to start the thread in the next weeks.

I thought more than one time "how would this module look inside THIS case ?" or "is it possible to assemble this display to THAT module ?". Apart from that, we all know that it is a easy job to combine different bracelets to any given watch as long it fits in size and style somehow.

Some weeks ago i had success with a very cheapo time/date-china module, the original lcd was broken and i tried to assemble another one (different size!!) to it. I had to do some tricks with the zebra connectors, but after all... it was working. Okay, this was just for fun. I know that a CASIO TC-600 display won't fit or work on a SEIKO C153, FOR SURE Big Grin

But, hey... it's fun, isn't it ? We don't necessary have to be so damn serious about those damn digitals all the time, right ?

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