W-36,W-770,DB-200G, DW-1000,GM-10,R-14,W-97

For trade:
W-700 black
W-97 lot-a-luck
GM-10 (2x)
W-36 Marlin grey/red
W-350 Marlin
W-150 Marlin
W-21 Marlin
W-25 Marlin red
W-25 Marlin blue
W-400 blue
Casiotron R-14

All these watches are for trade for a rare Marlin watch or a green Seiko A239 "World time"
Just ask... Smiler

Photo's via e-mail for serious traders only... Wink
Original Post
Hi Rws,

I think there are problems with the site I used (xs.to) to place photo's here on this site. Confused
It is very disappointing we can not place (resized) photo's here from computer via e-mail.. Frowner Frowner

Zeer omslachtig en vervelend! (sorry for my Dutch frustration) Cool Razzer

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