toppbannana = non payer

I sold some watches to this person on ebay via a BIN listing 5 days ago and haven't heard from them since, even though my listing states that payment is required within 48 hours of purchase.
...which is very annoying and confusing! why click the BIN if you don't want to BIN? Confused
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cassyho--I had a very similar thing happen to me. I reported that to the eBay authorities and they stated that the buyer actully has 4 days to make payment. However, not making any payment even within 5 days after the auction closes is really time enough for some kind of contact. I side with you on this.
thanks Timeline, we're not even talking about a lot of dough here either, but it just annoys me! I always check my paypal before I buy anything on ebay (to make sure I even have the funds Smiler ), and always make the payment straight away when I buy anything...I wouldn't BIN anything I didn't want or couldn't pay for.
Some people just do this for "fun"- they know you cannot leave them negative feedback which is something Ebay ought to sort out- seems perfectly fair that if you have a non-paying, non-communicative buyer you should be able to leave a warning to other sellers. I have had a few who really deserved negative feedback for their behaviour, but all you can do is leave a positive and WRITE IN CAPITALS THAT THEY ARE AN ABSOLUTE SH*T Smiler

Actually, under UK law this denial of an equal right of reply to a private seller (situation would be different for a business seller) would seem to me to be illegal in respect of at least two pieces of current legislation and the only reason I can see that they get away with it is that Ebay requires you to agree to their terms of service (although this might possibly be deemed an "unfair contract" since you effectively sign away protected legal rights for no real reason).

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