To be ezTalks Video Conferencing's Partsner

To be ezTalks Video Conferencing's Partsner

  • Reseller Program
  • ezTalks Reseller Program enables our resellers to make high profits by selling ezTalks products using their own marketing channels in local markets.
    We are interested in distributing our software through resellers focused on specific countries or regions. Because we think every market and every business requires personal approach, we decided to switch into individual negotiations instead of laying down fixed terms. Sales volumes and commitments to promote ezTalks are the key factors in determining partnerships.

    ezTalks provides a broad range of opportunities for distribution partners to meet the specific market needs of any client.

    Key Benefits

    · High-quality products ezTalks always attaches very high importance to product quality and we have gained the popularity among a huge number of users and software reviewers from more than 150 countries.

    · Low wholesale prices
    ezTalks provides very competitive wholesale prices depending on the wholesale quantity and the market and video conferencing equipment.

    · Flexible customization
    Besides our excellent product quality, we also provide product customization for local markets according to your requirements such as adding company info, localization etc. Increase partner exposure on our web page.
    Increase your brand awareness by putting your company logo and links in a conspicuous place on our website.

    Interested? Email # with @) to join us and become our partner!
  • Affiliate Program
  • "Welcome to ezTalks Affiliate Program! Join our program now to make $3,000 per week! Our program provides a cost-effective approach for website owners to generate more income without any expense! Life as a ezTalks affiliate is easy and sweet!

    How does it work?

    Sign up with, our payment processor. If you already have an Avangate account, locate the ezTalks product and click on Start selling.
    1. Place the link that Avangate gives you on your site, recommending our services.
    2. Get paid monthly by check, direct deposit, wire transfer, Paypal or Avangate Prepaid MasterCard.
    3. The visitors that you send to our site can either buy now or later – when they do, you will be credited for the sale, as a cookie with your affiliate ID will be stored on their computers for 120 days.

    You can use the banners and links wherever you wish: websites, forums, emails etc. The best results are obtained by inserting the link to us into blog posts & reviews of our services.
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