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It was while looking for one of these that I first rediscovered digital watches. I finally got one for a reasonable price.

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Cool. That's one I haven't worn yet!
I see it's a ZEON version.
The metal ones and the plastic ones of these both have slightly different modules. The metal ones have a more round shaped module. LCD is the same but many parts are different. The LCD contact strips are even different lengths and widths.
Glad you got a good deal!
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Did anyone get anywhere with the Lithium Space Invaders watch. I still have a fully working watch but unable to find and information or value of it. This is the first time I've seen anything.


It's virtually identical to the "Cosmic Fire Away" game watch by Micronta pictured above, same game but different colored buttons. No idea on value, but like the old saying goes, " It's worth what you can get out of it."

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