Set The Correct Day & Date On Your Vintage Digital Watch

You want to set the date on your classic digital watch. You try to set the year. Oh no! It is now 2011 and the year setting on your watch does not go that high! This is a problem because without the right year your watch will not display the correct day and date.

Perhaps the manufacturer did not anticipate your old digital watch to live this long and be so full of "soul". Smiler

Do not despair, you can follow these tips for workarounds to your problem. Many thanks to MetaEngineer and user6784 for their insight:

You can use this handy website find matching calendars for the current year.

For example, my CompuChron calculator watch can accept a year up to 1999. The site tells me that 1977 will "match" 2011. So I can trick my watch into thinking it is 1977 to display the correct day and date for 2011.
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Too lazy to do this myself, I have been waiting for this post to appear. A good source of information that will benefit us all.

I did have a look for my round calendar with movable discs that I had years ago to predict which days were when in the future but I couldnt find it!

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