Seiko Final Fantasy Model STP005

I have a Seiko STP005 I wanna trade away (or sell) for a more retro watch. It's a really nice watch but I feel that I really cant really match up to it, being very thin and all. My father gave it to me belive or not, and he didn't use it for very long so it's in very good condition with a few smal scratches. It has unfortunaly no battery at the time, but it works perfect. More pictures can be sent on request

This is a really rare watch, and went for pretty high prices on ebay. Would have posted it there but I cant add my bank card to Paypal.

I will trade this watch for any of these in mint condition:

Casio DF-10
CASIO CA-50 (!)
CASIO C80/CA-90 (Black)
SEIKO S 234 Pulsemeter (From Alien)
SEIKO D410-5000 (Black)


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I can't afford your watch at the moment, but why don't you try selling some of that Marijuana your cat seems to be covered in? I'll bet you'd be able to afford all of those watches in your wish list real soon?!

And as a Brucie Bonus, you really won't have to trade, really, your watch, pictured above, really!
But you mean that you're perhaps inerested? Hah, yeah I wish I still had it. It has a tendency to vanish in smoke.

I have nothing against trading this watch away. I haven't used it a single time since I got it, it's just not me.

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