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What is , How to & Tips | You’re A Stay-At-Home Mom Or Dad And You Need To Save Money : 10 Amazing Tips To Do So Here is a top 10 of the best tips for stay-at-home moms and dads to save money if you have too :

1. Plan and prepare

If you want to have children and stay home, plan the life you will be living with them. Invest in a small house that you can afford on one income so you will have this capital for yourselves, as opposed to renting an apartment, saving the other income if you work for emergency funds. You can also try to pay the mortgage before.

If you think you will need a business at home or a part time job, for money or the need of a part time career, have it before having your kids is a good choice. It is doable to start a business if you already have them but its time consuming in the beginning. In this case, follow a schedule – I find it works best in the morning when I get up before my boys to finish what I have to do.

Also, know in advance if your expanses are ok for one income. Calculate them on an Excel sheet and see if all goes well with your plan.

2. Follow a budget

Use the budget you planned in the tip 1 and follow it. Make sure you use the money allowed for groceries , activities, fuel, etc., about the same as you planned.

If needed, make the correction on how you want or need to spend it, and stick to your plan.

3. Automatic Savings

The best way to save, without worrying about doing it or using, is to start an automatic program that will take money from an account each time you receive the paycheck , and put what you want into saving accounts. In Canada, you can use ING Direct to easily do that. You can save for your activities, Christmas gifts, a trip, etc.

4. Live simply

What dont you really need? Is the house too big, the 2nd car not that useful, your energy consumption too high, you dont use your cell phone and tv that much , you have too much things?

Make simplicity part of your lives and get rid of the superfluous. You will have more money doing so, feel freer and have more time to do what you really love.

You can review that a few times in your stay-at-home journey. Since we always evolve some things can be of no use to us anymore.

5. Do it yourselves

Havent you noticed that most of the time its the service that is expensive, not the object. As for car problems and home repairs, sometimes the time the professional puts into fixing the problem costs a lot more that the material needed. You can save a lot by learning to do it yourselves, for example fixing your car, your house, cutting hair, make dinners http://www.tigersauthoritystor...-horton-jersey-c-20/ , having a garden and doing the household chores.

6. Be resourceful

Use what is already in your environment and is free. You have a big backyard, go outside a lot, kids will profit from fresh air and play with simple things like sand, sticks, rocks, grass and water.

You can also go to the park with them (and meet other friends and stay-at-home parents), play with friends and your families, go to the library http://www.tigersauthoritystor...artinez-jersey-c-22/ , invent games, play in the woods, and participate in community activities.

7. Be green

Go to used clothing stores and use hand-me-downs too. Most of the time kids grow so quickly that they dont wear out their clothes. Ask your friends and family about items you need, organise a shower for your newborn, buy larger unisex sizes, wash and reuse cloth diapers are all tips that can make your life easier and make you save. A lot of them are a good choice for the Earth too and nice values to show to your children.

8. Be a wise spender

Use coupons, like those you can find on RetailMeNot, at each grocery shopping http://www.tigersauthoritystor...ellanos-jersey-c-23/ , and giveaways. Find the grocery store that has the best prices in your area. Choose quality foods since they fill up more than junk anyways.

Think twice before buying. Know what you want and select quality items – the cheapest are not always the best since they can break easily.

Shop around for what you need. Most of the time I dont really like to shop in stores, it seems it takes me too much time. I choose online and get the best choice in minutes (look out for free shipping in your country thats a plus!). Then, I wait a little more to think if I really need the item and if its really a good decision to buy it – sometimes I dont buy it or delay the purchase.

9. Taxes and refunds

Learn where you can save in your income tax form. You can save a lot by knowing how to do yours and where to put your money to save even more.

Check for eligible government support payments that apply to your situation too.

10. Dont worry, be happy

Dont be stressed over it all, its only money. Dont scrap your health worrying too much about it… youll end up having to pay for it!

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