Running a Food Service Business: Merchandising Techniques You Should Know

The food business is a tough business, and there is a lot of competition in the industry. To succeed in the food industry, it is essential to pay attention to every aspect of the business and not just on the quality of the food. Marketing and merchandising are an important factor in the success of the food business. Merchandising plays a significant role in determining the success of the food business.

Here are some useful merchandising tips that can help the business in enhancing the sales.

Avoid cramming the shelves:

The first important rule of food merchandising is to treat all the items with care. Stacking the shelves without any organization is not suitable for the products. Never stack the products on the shelf as it is visually unappealing. It will have an adverse impact on the service as the customers will find it difficult to locate the items they need. It can also damage the products. The shelves should be well–stocked, and all the labels should be facing in the same direction.

Featuring special and new foods:

The best way of attracting the customers is to offer them new food items on a weekly basis. You should advertise the new food items using brochures, bags, pamphlets, posters so that the customers know that you are offering the new items. Changing the items once a week will keep the customers interested and they will come back to the store.

Displaying the food:

The way you present the food products is also essential for increasing the sales.The display appliances such as Blizzard QR350 are equipped with best features which make sure that the clients are attracted by the products you are displaying. Use the products that portray a broad range of colors, textures, and contrasts. Make sure that the display counters only have the freshest products. The food display should be arranged in a way that the products are visible to the clients. The displays should be changed regularly to keep the things fresh. If you are displaying the prepared food, then you should use unique shaped plates and dishes, and it will enhance the appeal of the food products.

Adding proper signage:

The signage also plays a significant role in attracting customers to the merchandise. The signage that you use should be consistent with the layout, typeface, brand and its image. You can also display the ingredients that are utilized in the products as people prefer to know what they are eating as they are health conscious.


Cross-merchandising can increase the sales of the business. You can increase the sales of business by putting right foods together. It will attract a lot of attention as people will be getting two food items that complement each other. It will encourage the customers to purchase the items.

Always provide lighting:

The appearance of the food is critical for the sale of the food products as people will always like to buy the products that are fresh. The spotlight should be on the best products so that they are appropriately highlighted.

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