Rules for the For Sale Message Area

I have no problems with folks posting items for sale on the message board--they are free to set any price they wish. Please keep your opinions to yourselves and offer criticism only if the seller asks.

Going forward, we will enforce the following criteria on topics in the For Sale section:

  • Items for sale must pertain to the subject of this message board (no sneakers, jewelry, etc.).

  • No requests and no eBay ads are permitted.

  • The seller's description should include only the following: make and model, description, a price (USD, Euros, British Pounds are fine) and optionally a photo. The seller can include an email or phone number, but he is doing this at his own risk. We will not be responsible for any resulting spam or unwanted correspondence. Keep in mind there are marketing agency "bots" scanning sites like this one for the sole purpose of harvesting email addresses.

  • Communication between potential buyers and the seller should occur via the Private Message function of this message board or email. Do not reply to the initial topic.

  • Please refrain from the insults, taunting and all remarks that are not relevant to the forum. I will remove any posts that I deem inappropriate.

  • When the seller has sold the item, please indicate that by either 1) removing the original topic or 2) Updating the topic's text to indicate it has been sold or 3) replying to the original topic indicating that the watch is no longer available.

  • Members with less than 50 posts are permitted to create one new ad per week.


  • One post per item for sale, no exceptions.  The author may reply to his original post if and only if there's a drop in price.  One change permitted per week.


  • If your item is moved to eBay, please start a new thread in the auction topic. Otherwise, mods will move or delete your post.
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