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What Are The Benefits Offered By Drip Rings What Are The Benefits Offered By Drip Rings July 24 Justin Simmons Broncos Jersey , 2013 | Author: Roxanne Cruz | Posted in Marketing

There are certain things that must be made and then used for several purposes that a lot of you may not know of as of the moment. These items may include those that are known as drip rings. The latter may also be known as flushing rings and they can be really useful in a lot of industries and situations.

For people who are not aware, the kind of ring that may be useful in a wide array of industry wherein there is plugging needed. An example of this certain area is known as kayaking. The ring is going to be placed on each of the end of all the paddles for people who love to kayak. However, there are some who question their uses.

There are others who consider them no use and they will just be eliminated from the paddle that they are going to use. However, it is also the decision of their users once they will be placing a ring or if they will not. The reason for this is that there will be a small difference on either of the options are picked.

Meanwhile, some of the cases can also involve with asking for better ones from manufacturers to make sure the quality will be good. Designs may vary from the ones needed. Their efficiency may also be affected due to the fact that there might be some mistakes with the designs that can no longer be corrected.

Aside from the fact that they can also be useful when it comes to kayaking, there is also another way to make use of them. You might also know some of the accessories that are being utilized when it comes to opening bottles of wine. An example of this accessory is known as a wine collar and they are also the same as the ring.

They are mostly seen being fixed around the neck of a wine bottle. The main purpose of such thing has something to do with the absorption of any possible leakage in bottles. You can have it secured well enough to prevent stains from occurring by the time the bottles are placed on the surfaces and tables while celebrating something.

There is even a trademark company who have been able to manufacture such product for those who love to drink wine. There have also been a several designs that were made throughout the years. The most common ones that you will see as of today are usually made from silver or plastic.

There can also be some interior lining that is being connected to it that is black or red. You can also wonder where to purchase the items and that is quite possible around you. There are several stores that sell them. With all the technological advances as of today Adam Gotsis Broncos Jersey , you can also shop for these items online, which is an option that is easy.

If your budget is not that high, then you can possibly purchase those drip rings by following guide that is simple and making some by yourself. Pool noodle should be prepared. Masking tapes and sharp knives should also be prepared, too.

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A Breathable Home vs. a Drafty Home A Breathable Home vs. a Drafty Home June 2, 2012 | Author: Mark Munns | Posted in Home and Family

We all know that a drafty home is costly; we also know an air-tight home is undesirable. Finding the happy medium can be difficult, but it is possible. Every crack and crevice in your home is an area of air leakage. Other air leakage can occur in outdoor water faucets Paxton Lynch Broncos Jersey , phone and cable lines entering the wall, bathroom and kitchen vents, furnace vents, laundry vents, chimneys, mail slots Jeff Heuerman Jersey , garage doors and even air conditioners.

According the Smart Energy Alliance, a non-profit organization committed to providing tools and resources to consumers, reports that on average 60% of the air in a home leaks out every hour; more when weather is inclement and less when conditions are mild. That statistic is frighteningly high when you consider that fact we spend so much on heating or cooling the air before it leaks out of the home.

So what can you do to assess the amount of air leakage in your home? You can hire an air leakage professional and expertly evaluate the state of your home. An expert can conduct an energy assessment, and perform a blower door test. There are a few tests the homeowner can carry out themselves. After the sun has gone down and it is completely dark outside, shine a flashlight through all the seams and cracks around doors and windows. Have someone stand on the other side to see of light is visible. If the light is seen, then there is air leakage.

There is also the paper test. Close a door or window on a piece of letter size paper. If you can pull the paper out without it tearing Ty Sambrailo Jersey , there is air leakage. A further test to carry out is with an incense stick and involves depressurizing the home. On a cool and windy day, turn the furnace off, shut all windows and doors, and turn on all fans that are meant to flush air to the outside (kitchen and bathroom). Then pass the lit incense stick over common air leak areas. If the smoke is sucked through or blown out of the crack, there is air leakage.

You have done all the tests and determined there are areas of leakage. What now? For starters don’t jump to conclusions and assume your home has more holes than a pound of Swiss cheese. Unless there are gaping holes in the walls and the building is condemned, it is all fixable. Let’s tackle the points of entry first. How old are the windows? Are single paned Shane Ray Jersey , double paned, aluminum frames, vinyl frames or fiberglass frames? Single paned, wood frame windows will undoubtedly be much less efficient than double paned vinyl frame windows. There will be an immediate 25-50% reduction in air leakage when the change is made. That is 25-50% less money spent on heatingcooling the home! Additionally, there will be much less (if any) con.


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