pocketcalculatorshow - Good seller !

I bought the following watches from our well known boss of this forum:

Sorry for stealing that picture from DWL... Red Face

Among the watches was a old defective CASIOTRON R-15 that he kindly put for free in the parcel (we had a discussion about spare parts before) - i need to check that thing in the next days, but whatever...

Packaging was excellent, communication too...and i really wasn't disappointed when the watches (i payed for) arrived. They were exactly as shown on his for sale page.

So, Paul (pocketcalculatorshow) is a very recommended seller in my opinion, of course this will not be your usual ebay bargain when you buy from him, he knows what to ask for, but it is good to know you can trust his pictures and descriptions, not having any fear to receive crap...

Don't forget to check his for sale page regulary, remember: Overpriced crap in unknown condition you can buy all the time from some guy in italy.... Big Grin
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