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I just got this old Piratron Radio Watch working again (replaced the batteries). The radio function works a treat with a nice strong signal so I'm pleased with that, and it's in excellent cosmetic shape so it's all good here's a picture if anyone's interested:

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Thanks dude. I think it's AM yeah and defo just a receiver as far as I can tell. It picked up a few different stations, the signal strength varies as you move around a bit but if you're in the right place it's pretty clear. There's no volume control either so it's a case of tuning out a little to decrease the signal if it's too loud or distorting. It's pretty cool though yeah, a bad point is that it feels a bit lightweight I suppose, I'd like it in stainless steel if they did one but it's ok.
hey guys,
there are quite a few AM stations in England, though the sound quality is poor at the best of times (it sounds like the music is being played under water), and the AM stations seem to rely quite heavily on advertising to pay the bills which makes for dreadfully annoying radio listening!(theres probably about 10-15 minutes of advertisements every hour). The main AM stations I listen to are 'Absolute Radio' (formerly 'Virgin Radio') and 'Magic'.
Magic plays a lot of oldies which can be nice from time to time.
Thanks for the info.

Seems then like such a radio watch would be useless in my region as we only have FM stations.

I only get static from the AM tuning in my car. A car is deem to be a rather good receiver. If a car is receiving static, this watch don't stand a chance in receiving anything.

I do not know if I am correct by saying this but it seems that only amateur broadcasters use AM broadcast.

Hi ALL, I own the same model, however in white colour and in excellent cosmetic.

Here it is:


As I am living in Germany and all AM Radio Station got deactivated in 2015, I unfortunately cannot use the Radio function. Will try it during my next stay in Italy...   :-))

Believe it or not, I COULD NOT FIND A SINGLE WHITE Piratron Radiowatch on the web, while finding tons on black ones!


Greetings from Frankfurt!




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