New in Box Casio TC-600 Question



New here.  I hope this is an appropriate place to ask my question.


I recently was going thru some items that my mom had given me in a box of stuff from a Great uncle's house that had been cleaned out after he passed away several years ago as I have recently been selling some stuff on ebay.


I found a Casio TC-600 in the box with the original plastic over the face.  It looks brand new and never worn.  I looked and it does look like they have some value.  


My question is.  Since it has been sitting in the box for 30 years, the battery is dead obviously.  Would it be better for me to bring it to a jeweler and have the battery replaced or to leave it as it is in original new condition if I was going to sell it?


Any advice would be appreciated as I didnt want to do something that could affect its value adversely as it is new still in the box.  




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