My seiko uc-2002

Wow, this watch is great! A very, very unique piece, I think this is the first watchnerd pocket watch I have seen in my life! Smiler

Is the data transmission still working? Do you have a keypad for it so you could try to enter data or use it as a calculator etc.?

Please tell us a little more about the history of this watch. Where did you find it? Was it given to you as a present when you were a kid? Was it sold in Europe or did you buy it in Japan? I'm so curious!

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it was given 2 me as present when i was young and i had the uc-2200 also but find it anywhere and that,s very sad but i still have the uc-2100 but i don't think it works anymore. Iam 100procent sure that the data tranfer stıll works on the watch. I always used it at school. I always put the anwsers in the memerybanks. Nobody know that i had the anwsers in my watch. I don't think it was sold in europe. Do you have any idea what it's value is? I never know that it was a rare watch until a few days ago. (sorry for the bad english i'm from the Netherlands) I wanna know how many people own this one do you have any idea?
You should be able to attach this to a UC-2100 keyboard and test whether the data transmission works anymore. The module is the same as what you would find on a Data-2000 or UC-2000. Both are pretty common, I think there are a few people in this message board who own the keyboard.

The serial number indicates that it was manufactured in September of 1984.

There are a couple out there but it is an uncommon gadget for sure.

Thank you for showing us your photo!
Lovely, rare watch!- Should work with any of the magnetically coupled keyboards (UK01-0030, UK01-0020 & UK02-0030). However you will only be able to access the features both the watch and keyboard support (ie the schedule function on the UK02 keyboard won't work with this watch). Value is a hard one!- so rare I've never seen one offered for sale and so going to be one of those items where, if offered on say eBay, a "big fight" may well break out in the bidding- eBay is a bit quiet at present so probably not a good time to sell.
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