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I believe that once the varnish is completely dry, the screen printing will not go out the crystal. The screen printing is inside the watch, and so there is no aggression from the external environment, nor actions of us users.


Regarding the watches with alarm in the crystal, we must be careful for do not pass the varnish in the screen printing where the spring of the alarm touches, because the screen printing is a conductor of electricity. If this happens the alarm will not work as well as.

Well. Speaking about the 5600c novell. I think I got a case of dw5600c in good condition. But have a broken screw. I'll have to try to remove the screw piece and others also to put new ones that already have. This issue is becoming painful. I swear this will be the last.

It is possible to remove the glass from the case using a hot blade and melting the side gasket slowly without touching the glass? So I put the good glass in the case that has the 4 screws in good condition. Crazy........ What do you think about this crazy idea? As I broke two crystals in my bad experiences I know they are not glued but pressed with the gasket. I have two perfect gaskets in stock.

My decision. Help me my friends: Tool the bad sreews from the case or extract the glass? Wath do  you think?

Look, to remove the crystal inside the steel case is a very time consuming task. I already removed fully the glass from a DW-5000 using a extra thin blade (like a gillette), trying to cut fully the gasket that holds the crystal inside the case. Warning: Do not heat the blade for that service. The screen printing of the crystal is very sensitive to heat. All work must be done to cold and very carefully.

Moreover, is possible to remove broken screws from the case via a micro drill. Here in Brazil has Dirceu that makes this service, but I do not know how much he is charging to remove these broken screws in the case.

Okay. Thanks for the warning. To replace the glass in the other case you just slammed? Or used glue?

Well, I will try to first remove the defective screw with a 0.5mm drill and if get bad I will try to remove the glass. The other case comes in 10 days. 

It would be nice to have 4 fully functional screws. In 5200 this was not possible because I would never take the risk of trying unscrews them. I would never do that. He's perfect this way. We have trouble installing the bezel but this is fully manageable.

I only removed the glass, but I did not put in another case. Usually you do not use glue to fix the glass in the case as the gasket itself makes this function very well. Some watchmakers use glue with the gasket (maybe it is an epoxy resin). I believe there is no need of that.


About the screws: one must be very careful when removing the broken screw with the drill to avoid damaging the thread of the case. It is a laborious task because you have to fix the case in a vise rigidly, and with much patience go removing the screw broken inside the hole. Some watchmakers say that this work usually break one or two drills to complete the service. 

Well friend's. I managed after a long time the parts for all gshocks. They are not original but are of good quality. The original parts are virtually impossible to achieve. At least the bracelets still got the original.

Look at the new photos of my collection. I decided to make them better.

Unfortunately I have a serious problem with the VDB 3000 touch screen. Today I take a look and making it work I realized that just one column of the touch screen was working. I made a clean sweep of contracts and some tests and concludes that the problem is not the module.
There is some wear on internal parts of the conductive plastic film that is on the screen. I believe there was a oxidation on the condutive track in the plastic film.
I believe the only way to fix it is with a new case that is in better condition. I think this watch is not a good item to collect because it has this problem that I believe will happen in all of them as time goes by. I keep watches well protected dry and protected from light.
I do not understand why this happened.
Other watches has its seals and therefore has its protected components, so resist the action of time easily. This model has your screen exposed to the air.

I catch a casio vdb 3020 to replace my problematic one. I'm happy. My touch screen watch will return. I was able to buy an unused watch. Very rare. I had lost all hope of seeing it work again. But in 20 days it. As soon as the package arrives I will have it back in my collection.This time I will leave it away from contact with the oxygen packed in the plastic to avoid the oxidation of the screen. He does not have a clutch, but I'll merge the two watches to make a perfect one. When I'm ready, I'll post the photos. I had to sacrifice my dw5700 in return for it. I sold the dw 5700 to buy the vdb3020. It was a risky business but the VDB has more sentimental importance for me.

Hello forum friends!! I received the vdb3020 watch I had purchased and got my touch screen back in the collection. See the photos. I'll take good care of him now. It is very difficult to find.I used the old bracelet on the new watch. Now everything reviewed and original.




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engecampos posted:

Hi Robert!


It is a great vdb3020 watch !


Is in very good conditon 



Thank's!!! I had already lost the hope. I ended up doing a good deal by swaping the dw5700 for the vdb 3020. The 5700 was not very important to me. I prefer the squre's G.


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