Looking for a manual or service guide for a Seiko Digital?

2 methods - 1 Soft (hold all the buttons down at the same time on the watch for 3 secs), 1 hard you need to resset the mother board on the module by reseting you need long pointed tweezers to do this but be BLOODY carefull not to stab the pick up ring around the battery, cos it will not wwork again if you do.
Hello all.

I'm new here, looking for good informations about A827 caliber, and as said previously the Seiko Australia asks a login/password to access technical guides.
Please, does someone know how to join this site?

Many thanks in advance, best regards.
Hi seikovoicenote29--try to PM any of these members on here: novusheaven, DWL, Old Tom, Bondtoys--at least one of these members will be able to help you. I do know that if you contact DWL, he should be able to send a copy of the manual for your Seiko via PDF or JPEG to your personal computer. Try it--good luck--
Im slowly adding manuals to the digitalwatchlibrary as I pick them up or they are donated. I dont have, but would love a copy of the M516 if you get it to add to the site or any others of the Seiko calibers I am missing

many thanks


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