ledermaxwerkstatt - Handmade leather bracelets in best quality

This guy is a retired old shoemaker in the sense of the word, no joke.

He is retired, but continues to make the best HANDMADE (!!!) leather bracelets you can get in terms of quality from the rest of his leather stuff left, no plastics used, a lot of his handmade bracelets are single, unique pieces, don't get it wrong, this is not a company and mass production, this is one single man doing handmade leather bracelets !

I bought two bracelets from him in the last years and was very satisfied with the quality, have a look here:

and i am thinking of buying another one from for an old SEIKO A927-5010 (it seems i never can get the original bracelet, so why not a leather bracelet ?). I really hate watches without bracelet and it is amazing how a good leather bracelet can upvalue your poor lcd oldtimer in terms of look, feel etc...
And, as some of you know i like to wear my watches sometimes and it feels good to wear something nobody has... Wink

Here is the ebay page of this guy:

As you can see, over 3200 positive transactions, not a single negative or neutral - i think you can see this guy is not selling sh*t.

More interesting are his current auctions, look here to get an impression:

Maybe you consider next time having a cool leather bracelet like this instead of wasting ages hunting ebay and fleamarkets for the oh so important original bracelet of your oldtimer... Razzer
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Hi Oet,

Thanks for the advertisement. It's a pity i cant read German. I am thinking of getting a fitting strap for my CSCW. (The current one is slowly wearing out as i wear it every day)

Could you be the middle man, or recommend me a fitting brown one ? Translate the text for me ?
Originally posted by MetaEngineer:
Could you be the middle man, or recommend me a fitting brown one ? Translate the text for me ?

Hi, no problem. You are thinking of a brown leather bracelet, right ?

Most important is the width of the bracelet, i mean the space it needs to fit the case.

Most watches have something between 1,6 - 1,9 mm. If you tell me the size it is possible to look for some bracelets, i can send some links via PM then.

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