Late tax filings!


Please help me get out of this trouble. It's about late tax filing. I knew that it was an offense, but I was unaware of the consequences of late filings. Now, CRs froze my bank account. How can I deal with them to activate it?

Have you ever gone through a situation like this? Can my bank freeze my account without notifying me? I wasn't notified by the bank and I think the bank has to immediately obey the order from CRA.

I have asked for an advice to many of my friends. But, they have no idea regarding this. In my search, I came across some of the companies offering services to those who are filing taxes late in Toronto. Can I approach them for a service? Have you heard of them or do you have any previous experience with them?

Or do you have anything else to suggest me? Please let me know the details as soon as possible so that it would help me to find the best solution. Awaiting replies!

Thanks in advance!

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