Junghans Mega 1000 bits and pieces

I need a pair of the tiny springs that connect the movement to the rear speaker.  I think it's these?:


They are expensive - can you recommend a replacement?  Perhaps there's something around the house I could dismantle to get a similar size spring?

I also need one of the screws that fixes the back of the watch (don't ask - I'm very annoyed with myself!).

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I can partly answer my own question here.  I took a couple of spring bars apart and the spring in one of them was fine enough to fit. I cut it into pieces and the springs look almost like originals.

Unfortunately, the watch still doesn't make a sound.  I can see the screen dimming slightly when the alarm is meant to sound but there's no noise.  I have tested the springs for conductivity and they are fine.  Not sure what the problem could be.

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