JDM Casio Databank Film Watch FS-02

This watch is circa 1991, as I had asked for it back when I was a little kid visiting Japan. It was also expensive for its time, and since I treasured it so much, it has never been worn, and has resided in the various watch boxes that I've upgraded to over the years. All functions work well.

The watch has the following functions:
Analog or Digital Display Mode
World Time
Stopwatch with little animal animations running around the dial when in motion.
Head and Band are in mint condition.

However... the keeper was apparently made of a different material compared to the soft rubber strap, and thus hardened and fell apart when I touched it, so I searched long and hard for a suitable replacement keeper, and finally came across one that matches the gray of the strap. Check out the last picture for the replacement keeper.

$120 +$10 Shipping (CONUS) or $30 Shipping(Worldwide), includes tracking and delivery confirmation. (Paypal only)

if interested, contact: eddy[at]liao.as

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hi bigmacnz,

I replied with a copy of the shipping receipt from my last sale. Due to negative experiences (2 watches lost) when shipped internationally, I will only ship with tracking, insurance, and delivery confirmation. The last time I shipped overseas, that costed me USD$34.75.

I know it can be lower, but I don't want to deal with the risks anymore.


actually i still have it.  this watch just isn't worth that much, so I havn't been actively trying to sell it  I just realized that there was a detail i didn't capture in the earlier photo- part of the strap had parts of the rubber worn down from the strap moving around, as captured in the first photo.  Did not notice until now:


It doesn't affect the wearability of the watch, but should be noted.  


I also took a few more pictures:





Yeah, in light of the above, I will go ahead and ship it anywhere in the continental USA for $60.




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