G757-4020 NO James Bond version

Here is my other G757.

Im my opinion it is at least as beautiful as the Sports 100.

As Luciano (Engecampos) allready told here on the forum the module from these G757's are bad: malfunctioning, missing digits, flashing, etc.

As I wanted to have THE Seiko James Bond watch but do not want to pay an excessive price. I decided to buy one without bracelet and with an malfunctioning module.

I bought another G757: this 4020 only for the module.

I thought it was working allright but the seller was handy to make photo's in modes the digits were not flashing but in normal time mode it was........

I can only advice to be very careful with these "handy" sellers. 

I bought a Seiko 22mm. bracelet and it fitted perfectly (the original bracelet is as rare as expensive)

As I did not have a working G757 now I decided to send them to the best Seiko specialist I know: Seiko Kid.

As you can see he did a great job and placed the right lcd screen in the G757-5020

Both watches are working fine now.




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Indeed !


A pity the seiko to make a beautiful watch and put a G757 module so bad and weak. These models have a beautiful case and beautiful bracelets. Unfortunately you can not say the same of the modules. 


Seiko Kid really did a beautiful job !


Congratulations Erik for your beautiful timepiece! 

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