Fake Casio Marlin from PIRATron

Yes it looks funny Luciano 

But I'm afraid this kind of watches destroy the good name of the LCD-watch as they have gotten it by good quality stainless steel lcd watches like the Casiotron or early Seiko models.

People went back to automatic watches and Seiko had even automatic watches in their "Star Wars -series"  No back to the future but back to the past.....  

It's truth Erik !

It seems that there is an segment inversion of these consecrated companies. 

Automatic models enjoyed great success in the past and maybe these big brands want to rescue this "memory" again. 

A pity that China copy major brands putting low quality products on the market. This disrupts trade of genuine models. A good thing about these fake watches is that they are cheap and if people who buy for daily use are stolen, the damage is extremely small 

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