Fairchild Tritium LCD

Was doing my usual browse of Ebay and came across this unremarkable looking Fairchild LCD.


It looked the same as a picture I have of a Tritium LCD, but there was no mention of the tritium illumination in the ad.


A bit of research indicated that if it has 3H engraved on the caseback, then it's one of the Tritium lumed versions...sure enough there it was!

So I clicked Buy it Now and am eagerly awaiting it's arrival!


No doubt the tritium will be very dull by now, but you can replace the 2 original flat tubes with a row of modern cylindrical tubes.  So that's what I plan to do as someone else has done here:


Will probably stick to green though.

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Originally Posted by Mr_Drummond:

Lovely looking watch!


Is it coming from the States? Because I think I saw that on eBay as well but I believe it was missing one segment on the seconds. 

That's the one, I'm hoping the missing segment is just a dirty contact as the LCD display is separate from the rest of the module with zebra connectors.

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