Casio VDB 3000 screen problem

Hello friends. Today is a very bad day I really need your help. Unfortunately I have a serious problem with the VDB 3000 touch screen. Today I take a look and making it work I realized that just one column of the touch screen was working. I made a clean sweep of contacts and some tests and concludes that the problem is not the module.
There is some wear on internal parts of the conductive plastic film that is on the screen. I believe there was a oxidation on the condutive track in the plastic film.
I believe the only way to fix it is with a new case that is in better condition. I think this watch is not a good item to collect because it has this problem that I believe will happen in all of them as time goes by. I keep watches well protected dry and protected from light.
I do not understand why this happened.
Other watches has its seals and therefore has its protected components, so resist the action of time easily. This model has your screen exposed to the air.

Please anybody can help me? A better solution?


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