Casio early manuals and casionerd's spreadsheet

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Due to ongoing work commitments I have decided to shut down the casiovintage website.
Feel free to use anything from it for your own personal use.
Any links to that site from this site are no longer valid.


BP-100 manual is now available from the front page of my site. Thanks casiophile Smiler

Early Casio manuals now easier to access.

casionerd has graciously allowed me to download all his early manuals from his cached website and post them on my site.

You can find various Casio data sheets at the following link : - resources
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This is great info - thanks! I am fairly new member who is just lurking.

But I was looking for a manual for my CASIO TC-600 watch. And here I found it! And of course, it was too old for CASIO Documentation Center to have it.

It hasn't shown me anything I didn't already find out, but it is always nice to have a watch with a manual.

Hi all, I have been searching for operation manuals for my latest acquisitions. I found them for the [560]BM-100WJ but not for the pulse sensor [509]JP-100W or the [828]Digigraph DGW-301(this has the same functions as the penta graph and radial graph watches modules [978] and [918] respec)

It's a great resource nonetheless.

Anyone have a link to instructions for the other modules?


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