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Just wanted to add some potentially useful information here.  My DW-2000 had a dead module but a good case.  I sold it... for quite a bit less than I would have gotten had it been running.  A fellow in Europe bought it (I think he was from either the UK or Germany).  He was able to fix it!  Turns out that the battery had leaked a little and cause a short inside the module.  He took it apart, cleaned it out, and it became functional.  Mind you, I did partially disassemble the module to try finding what could be the problem and never saw any trace of battery leakage.  It may have been slight, in just the right way to avoid obvious detection.

So... that's a promising case for dead modules, whereby they may be fixable.

Hello friends XEVIOUS and ROBESAUER!

I love this watch!

Sorry for my delay in answer you.

Look, today I changed the battery of the module of my DW-2000 and it is running like new. At the moment of the exchange I realized that a part of the digits were half weak, but this is bad battery positioning. I lightly pressed the battery into the place it stays, just like that metal clamp that holds it in the module and has been getting the perfect digits as it should.

Actually, this module 242 is quite fragile. I do not advise leaving it with low battery or discharged in the module for a long time. It's a great watch, though, it takes a lot of care. The rechargeable battery panasonic MT920 I have here, but I use in my DW-2000 to energizer 371. It is a small battery and lasts at most 1 year. As it gets stored in my watch drawer, there is no incidence of light. So there is no reason to use the rechargeable battery in it. The MT920 I leave saved here.

Xevious I agree with you that 371 non-rechargeable battery replacement would be the cause of the problem. Even though my DW-2000 is working perfectly with the 371. The problem may be the issue of the battery discharged inside the module. The leakage of battery damages the electronic circuit of the module. The battery lasts very little time compared to CR2016 for example. That is why many collectors forget to change the battery soon and leave it unloaded inside the module and can drain and damage the module.

Attached I put a video of it with the timer running. I love that sound. Remember the DW-200 



Nice video.    The tone sounds louder than it actually is, though.  I find it too faint to be useful, unless in a very quiet room. Some CASIO watches allowed you to set the timer in seconds, rather than just minutes.  I thought that was pretty darned cool.  

Incidentally, a guy over on the WUS forums did an experiment with another vintage module, the 549.  He was able to substitute the old grain-of-rice bulb with an LED, and it worked!  Seriously cool.  I wouldn't do it on a pristine example, as all original is more valuable.  But I have a user grade TW-7000 that I was thinking of modifying.  The 242 module is much too uncommon, unfortunately.

Ok, Xevious!

Thanks for the comments! 

The sound of module 242 has the same tone as that of the DW-200 multi-alarm.
I'm happy because my DW-2000 still works very well. I did some research on battery and this module does not use lithium battery (disregarding the factory battery). Lithium batteries start with the letter "CR". The battery of the 242 module is an alkaline battery. The alkaline battery problem is that it has 2 types: the "LR" and the "SR". The LR's are zinc and manganese dioxide batteries. They are not as good and durable as SR batteries. The SRs are made of silver oxide. I believe that LR is much more likely to leak (drain) than SR. I realize that most of the defects in this module are because of the battery. Alkaline batteries are terrible. The big brands use SR920 and not LR920 batteries. So I always advise using the ENERGIZER, MAXEL, PANASONIC or RENATA batteries in module 242. But if you still have your DW-2000 you will surely to be able to get a new module for it, in case you wait for one to appear on cheap ebay (not in good condition) but with the module working fine. It is not a common module like the marlin modules, unfortunately. 

It is interesting to change the bulb lamp by the LED. It saves the battery at all. But it has the negative side that disfigures the originality of the module.

I really wanted to have a TW-7000, but I still could not get one. It has the gray version and the white version of the serigraphy. It is titanium with module 548.
This module has a slight problem when replacing the CR2016 battery. Care should be taken that the alarm spring does not touch the positive pole of the battery as it is parked too close to the positive pole of the battery. If this happens the alarm will be muted. That is why it is interesting to use that green plastic on top of the battery so that the spring does not touch the battery.

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