Casio CMD-40 1174 REMOTE CONTROL WATCH Vintage Rare CMD40B-1T Calculator Watch

In very good condition, all buttons works and function correctly, I tested the remote control feature on my tv and its working .

Casio CMD40B-1T Remote Control Calculator Watch


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price Directly from me : US $278.00

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Consolidate all those pesky remotes lying around. All the gadgets of the CMD30 Databank, but with the ability to learn functions from any infrared remote control, from stereo to DVD.

  • TV / Cable Box Remote Control
    Power on/off, channel up/down, volume up/down, direct channel selection
    Infrared Learning Function
    Memorizes up to 16 sets of data from any infrared remote control
  • 8-Digit Calculator
    Constants for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Daily Alarm
  • 1/100 second stopwatch  
    Measuring capacity: 23:5959
    Measuring modes: Net time, split time, 1st-2nd place times   
  • Hourly Time Signal
  • Auto Calendar 
  • 12/24 Hour Formats
  • Accuracy: +/-15 seconds per month 
  • Battery CR2032
  • Approx. battery life: 15 months
  • Module 1175

Size of case/total weight
CMD40B 46.0 x 39.0 x 12.0mm / 45g
CMD40F 46.0 x 39.0 x 12.0mm / 98g

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