Casio CFX-400

I recently refurbished my old Casio CFX-400 because the frame was broken and the keypad was completely worn .I used the frame of a DBC-610 , which i adapted to fit the inner module of the original CFX-400 .I also had to redesign the keypad because the layout of the keys of the DBC-610 is turned by 90 degrees.I had really to do some precision surgery to get it right but now the final result looks very good ! See attached picture .Repair the original DBC databank frame , but now it has a fully functioning CFX-400 inside.I am still looking for a replacement LCD display for this watch since the original one has some humidity between the glasses of the display and i can't get it fixed ( i am afraid to destroy it if i try with a hair dryer ). I posted a message in the wanted section ,if someone can help me to find a mint LCD display for this watch.
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