Casio C-801 & Hotbiz VDB-3000?

Hi there,

does anyone know if I can put a C-60 module in a Casio C-801? I guess both have 133 module, therfore, must be interchangeable?

I purchased a Casio Hotbiz VDB-3000 (1491) and I canĀ“t find any information on the internet. Does anyone know where to get a manual or know anything about this watch, like when it was launched etc...? It seems that is was just launched for the asian market. In the data entry mode, it just shows asian symbols...Otherwhise it is a nice watch and all other functions, like the calculator works perfect.
Thanks for any replys ;-)
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Hi MyCasio,

I own a VDB-3000 aswell and couldn't find a manual for it anywhere;-(

Did you manage to get one?

I have the problem that it says OPEN on the screen after I changed the battery and keys are locked now and I can't even set time and date!!??

Help please anyone!?

Thanx a lot


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