Bad ebay Seller hope_914.3859



be carefull with the bad EBAY seller   hope_914.3859  !!!


i try to explaine in english.


I bought the CASIO GAME WATCH " Module GM-8 ( Hungry Mouse !!!


I gave the Seller a negative Feedback in ebay yesterday morning


The watch came on and it was in absolutly not working condtion !!!


I send it back and got back money thanks PAYPAL !!!


Now i see the absolutly same watch in Ebay agian today, he sells the WATCH as FULLY WORKING again and thats a very, very BIG LIE !!!


Do yourself a favor and don`t bid about this watch, because it is NOT WORKING !!!


Itemnr: 171213438436



The Seller is a lier and cheater !!!


He has sell the Watch couple weeks ago the another seller too and it was not working too.


now this is the 3. Time, that he ( she ) sells the broken watch !!!


Its a Women from LIMA !!!



Please be very carefull !!!






Original Post

in her Pics the Display is on. I opened the Package after shipping and the Display was off. not Working !!!


The Watch came with not working Display and sound !!!


When you but the Batterie out and in, it shows 1-2 Minutes and it will go off again.

The Front Buttons are shows no react. 


Trust me Guys, You will not be happy with your purchase, because the Watch is defect !!!


My Watchmaker told me, the Platine has problems with the Contacts, because maybe the watch was wet inside.


The seller is not trustfull.



Here is the email I received from the seller:

Dear sesp77339,

this watch was in excellent condition, I sold one month ago , the buyer retired any parts ,and next send me again the watch, I replace the parts and the watch is nine excellent condition
we never send watch in bad or broken condition.

- hope_914.3859
She is i big lier !!! The byer who buy the watch, before i buy made the Same Trouble !!! I never did anything with this watch, i opened the Package, the watch was not working, my watchmaker told me, the watch was wet in the past. I send i back to her. Thats all. Please check her eBay Feedbacks in the past, more people has Problems with her.

Guys, Trust me or Buy this cracked watch, do what ever you like )

This seller is not trustfull and i lier !!!

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