The new G757 Cal. W865

Great find!  The photos in that auction are poor, but if you do a Google search for SEIKO AGAM601 you'll find some more information.


I like the look of the case on this a little more than the original G757-500x.


Release Date: September 3, 2015 (Thursday)


advance reservation start date: Konami style ( 4月1日年2015 (water) plan


WIRED (Wired) dealer June 1, 2015 (Monday)

Part number Suggested retail price Case material Band Material Included Band Material
AGAM601 45,000 yen + tax Stainless steel (some black hard coating) Stainless steel Nylon (Cordura)

The serialnumber is top secret :-) 512xx0 .

Today i weigh the watch :194g , this is the most heavy LCD Watch

i have . And i realy like heavy solid watches .

My Seiko SGDA001 weigh "only" 133g .

The Wired watch is a wonderful eye-catcher . Thank you Seiko/ Wired that

you made this watch . In the new "Smart-watch-period" i`m happy

that watches like this are made.

This is my own christmas present for this year  :-)


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